IntraOsseous Bio Filler

Another source of knee pain in many patients is from something called a bone marrow lesion (BML). This can easily be picked up from an MRI or Ultrasound scan carried out by our team at The OrthoBiologics Clinic, and treated by one of our specialists with an innovative technique called an IntraOsseous Bio Filler.


Doctor holding a digital tablet with x-ray of knee of the patient

What is a Bone Marrow Lesion?

Healthy bone underneath the articular cartilage provides support and acts like a shock absorber for mechanical forces transmitted during activities such as walking and running. However, in overstressed or arthritic subchondral bone, a BML can develop, which is then not able to remodel, regrow and heal properly on its own. BMLs are shown to be strongly associated with increased pain in knee osteoarthritis, but also in the progression of this debilitating disease. Therefore, there is subsequent risk of the patient requiring invasive joint replacement surgery.

The IntraOsseous Bio Filler injection aids the natural healing process, encourages the subchondral bone to regrow and re-establishes the structural integrity of the damaged bone. As a result, normal bone anatomy and function returns and, therefore, the progression of Osteoarthritis is reduced.

How does the IntraOsseous Bio Filler injection work?

  • The affected bone is decompressed using a needle and X-Ray whilst the patient is under local anaesthesia and sedation
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the affected bone
  • The PRP encourages subchondral bone to regrow
  • Re-establishes the structural mechanical integrity of the bone
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  • Prevents subchondral bone collapse
  • Reduces pain associated with Bone Marrow Lesions
  • Enables patients an early return to basic activities