Viscosupplement Injections

A viscosupplement is a dose of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that is injected into a synovial joint such as the hip, knee and shoulder to help alleviate the joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. HA is a substance that naturally exists in synovial fluid that surrounds joints and acts as a lubricant to enable bones to move smoothly over each other. However, with ageing and in those patients suffering with osteoarthritis, the levels of HA decrease causing pain and often with a crunching sensation or the feeling of a ‘dry’ joint. Therefore, viscosupplementation by injection increases the HA levels, which can help to reduce osteoarthritic joint pain.

Combination Therapy

Treatment with a HA viscosupplement, such as Ostenil, is an effective pain relief treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis. Although it may only offer short term improvement, studies suggesting around 6 months on average, the injections can be repeated. Unfortunately, viscosupplementation cannot reverse the arthritic process or regrow cartilage, but works well to improve joint pain and stiffness.

At the OrthoBiologics Clinic our regenerative medicine specialists believe that combining the lubricating properties of HA injections with the regenerative effects of PRP therapy is the most effective solution in reducing joint pain caused from OA - whilst at the same time promoting healing of the damaged cartilage within the joint.


If you are suffering from joint pain or discomfort caused by osteoarthritis then yes.